Ongoing Research

We are very pleased that several researchers have used LifeGene data in their research. Today, ten research groups have been able to begin processing LifeGene data, and five more are in the pipeline.

Ongiong research projects:

  • Spirometri in the LifeGene project- analyze of quality and normal equations, Researcher in charge: Martin Andersson
  • Self-reported and audiometrically assesed hearing impairment, Researcher in charge: Anders Fridberger
  • Irritable bowel Syndrom (IBS), Researcher in charge: Mauro DÁmato
  • Asthma, sleep disturbances, noise and the metabolic syndrome, Researcher in charge: Christer Janson
  • The prevalence, impact and co-morbidities of premenstrual symptoms, Reseracher in charge: Elias Eriksson
  • Born into Life, Researcher in charge: Catarina Almqvist Malmros, Göran Pershagen, Ellika Andolf
  • Association between sleep duration and healthiness in children, Researcher in charge: Christian Benedict
  • Diet, physical activity and health among children, Researcher in charge: Katarina Bälter
  • Factors Influencing Sexual Orientation Disparities in Physiological and Biological markers of Cardiovascular, Metabolic and Respiratory Risk - A Minority Stress Model, Researcher in charge: Richard Bränström
  • STOP: Swedish Tinnitus Outreach Project, Researcher in charge:Christopher Cederroth
  • Genetiska faktorers påverkan på socialt beslutsfattande: En web-baserad studie,  Researcher in charge: Markus Heilig c/o A Thorell
  • Genetiska effekter vid autism - en populationsbaserad fall-kontrollstudie, Researcher in charge: Lauren Lissner
  • Livsstil och högt blodtryck - effekt av ålder, Reseracher in charge: Lars Lind
  • Genetiska effekter vid autism - En populationsbaserad fallstudie, Reseracher in charge: Sven Sandin
  • Immunology of Pandemrix - induced narcolepsy, Researcher in charge: Alexander Lind