About LifeGene

There are still large unexplored areas in medical science. We know, for example, not yet how environmental factors and disease early in life affects our health in old age. Nor do we know which factors makes how certain people can maintain their health while others become ill.

LifeGene is the largest investment in Sweden to get a better understanding in how our genes, our environment and our way of life affect our health.

Several hundred thousand people in Sweden will be recruited as volunteers during the next six to eight years, starting in late autumn 2010.

People over 18 will be invited and they may in turn bring children and other people who they live with in to the project. Already invited persons may also tell us about other people who want to be participants. On our website it is possible to register for spontaneous participation.

LifeGene will hopefully provide new knowledge about our most common diseases and health problems such as asthma, allergies, infections, obesity, repetitive strain injuries, chronic fatigue and pain, and major diseases in later life - cardiovascular diseases and cancer.

Behind LifeGene are all Swedish universities with medical schools. Karolinska Institute is hosting the project and has a leading and coordinating role.

LifeGene funded by grants from the Research Council, Karolinska Institute, AFA and Torsten and Ragnar Söderberg Foundations.

LifeGene’s main operating language is Swedish

Note that LifeGene’s main operating language is Swedish. The information for participants in English is provided here for your convenience only. Survey questions, consent forms and any additional information for participants are typically only available in Swedish.  We hope that the information provided here in English will help non-native Swedish speakers to more easily familiarize themselves with LifeGene.